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    Friday, 14 August 2015

    Crossfit Exercises to Give You a Perky Butt

    A perky butt and ‘that gap’ between your thighs that is usually what ladies would like when they think about how their bum looks in jeans, skirts etc. This is further noticeable by all the pictures of toned bums that are being pinned on pinterest.

    Well you can have a toned perky butt as well, it just takes a few exercises and some dedication on your side and within a month you will start to see changes. Good changes!

    So what exercises should you do? If you have read any of my other posts I am sure you know that squats are my favourite exercise for your butt and your legs. I stick by this and would say if you only want to do one exercise every day then make it squats as these are a great full workout for your lower body. But as I mention squats regularly, 3 times already in this short paragraph, and not everyone wants to do squats (again that word, I can‘t help it – I am a big fan), I am going to let you know of some other great exercises you can do that will help shape, lift and tone that bum.

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