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    Wednesday, 26 August 2015

    7 Beginner Strength Training Workouts

    I have been preaching the message about how important Strength Training is to every body (especially women)! I gave you plenty of reasons why you should be lifting weights and I have been increasing my own weight training and feeling incredibly stronger as a result.

    However, a lot of my friends (including some of you readers) don’t really take the time to strength train. Women often get a bad rap at the gym–we are labeled as cardio bunnies who tend to jump on the elliptical/stairmaster/spin bike for 40 minutes get all sweaty and call it a day at the gym. Or we go to Zumba class/Run a few miles/bike around the park and pack it in. These are all legitimate, calorie burning, endorphin producing workouts but for those of us looking to develop muscle as well, supplementing with strength training is a must!

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