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    Friday, 17 July 2015

    5 Moves To Butt Of Steel

    Does your backside need a boost? If it does, this workout will strengthen, lift and shape the glutes while tightening up the tie-in, in plain words, the intersection of your butt and thigh.

    This workout primarily features foundational movements modified slightly to better emphasize the backside. The moves are based on old school, solid effective exercises like squats but the effectiveness of this workout is that it ensures the body is put through several different variations of more or less the same exercises – the premise is that small change in angle, stance and range of motion hit the muscles a bit differently.

    To help wake your booty up and jumpstart results, perform this workout 3 times per week for 2-4 weeks. As you get stronger and lift more weight, dial it back a little as you will need more time for recovery.

    If you are already consistently training, substitute this workout for your other quad or glute/hamstring workouts.

    What kind of results can you expect? Provided you follow the golden rule of adding more and more challenging resistance as the muscles get stronger, you should have a perkier butt and shapelier, stronger legs overall.

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